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  • Our story started with the desire to make our passion for running a bigger part of our lives.  In the summer of 2013, we decided to start a running bl...

Our story started with the desire to make our passion for running a bigger part of our lives.  In the summer of 2013, we decided to start a running blog…  It was fun to be able to share our experiences and advice about running with others. Although we are going to continue our blog, we wanted something more!


We frequently found ourselves saying to each other "I wish I could find this" or "I wish someone made...".  We started thinking that we could do this.  We could make these products that we were looking for.  Because if we wanted them, other people were no doubt looking for them too.   So we started bouncing around product ideas.  We had a lot of ideas but needed to narrow it down to one product to focus on.

We kept coming back to this one thing.  Before races, Amy was always on the hunt for the perfect arm warmer, and had never been able to find it.  Everything she found was a compression sleeve, ended at the wrist, or was just too expensive.  She was looking for something simple.  Something to keep her arm and hand warm, something that fit comfortably, and something that was inexpensive.  She never found anything that met all of these criteria.  So this was it.  This is what we decided we needed to make. The perfect arm warmer to solve the wardrobe dilemma of whether to wear short sleeves or long sleeves.  The idea for Sleeves was born.

We had the product now, we needed our company name.  After a lot of thinking and pouring over names online, it was one telephone call that did it. Our conversation led to a very important person, our Mom.  We're not even sure how it came up, but Amy mentioned her nickname from when she was a little girl…LOUVA!  When we researched the meaning of the name, one of the things we found said:  You have an inherent courage and endurance to accomplish the impossible dream.  That was it.  It was perfect!


Our pretty mom, Louise, aka Louva:)

We had the name, now we needed to create! It was a huge learning curve, but since we had created the blog, we knew we could do this too.  With a lot of time researching and learning the ropes of the computer world, we finally made it come together.

One of the best lessons we have learned from all of this is that you really can make your dreams come true.  This is one that we never imagined we could accomplish.  Even though we live so far apart, our passion for running and desire to work together proved to be important enough to make it a priority.  (Right behind our husbands and kids of course)


Some encouraging words we received from Doug Browning of Sweaty Bands:

“Don’t Give Up, Don’t Ever Give Up”! - Jimmy Valvano


Amy & Jodi

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